LEUNE is a California born lifestyle brand forged on the principle of transcending the narrative of cannabis culture. Honoring a 3.0 consumer who knows that ‘getting high’ only begins to tell the story of what the plant truly represents, we’re interested in elevating the conversation around cannabis. Through high aesthetic and uncompromising quality standards, we aim to create the new ideals for the industry.   

Collaboration is at the core of the LEUNE ethos, whether in development of consumables, accessories or fashion.


LEUNE has quickly become revered for our standout flavor profiles that reflect the evolving and sophisticated palettes of our clientele. Partnering with only the finest cultivators and manufacturers who employ pesticide-free growing practices and transparent production protocols, ensures a consistent, high quality experience every time.

Accessories + Fashion:

LEUNE’s homeware and fashion collaborations amplify the diversity of what, where and how cannabis permeates our daily lives. From the chicest ceramics to the dopest ready to wear fashions, we’re committed to manifesting cannabis culture in the everyday.